Meet Wade Cottingham

Wade is from Dallas, Texas. He runs Lakewood Piano Lab to teach private and small group piano lessons to students ages four to ninety four, all styles of music, and a healthy dose of improvisation. Lakewood Piano Lab began part time in 1998 and full time in 2002.

Wade started piano late (fifth grade) and took several years off from any kind of serious study, but made a renewed commitment around 1995 to get serious with piano.

He is a music listening freak, with a huge collection of vinyl and CD and downloaded music that has grown and grown and grown. His favorite albums are The White Album by the Beatles, and Beyond Slumber by Andreas Jahn.

Wade has been pianist to singers like Paul Salos and Breggett Rideaux. He has performed for many private parties, corporate events, and an amazing Western Town, long gone now, called Big-D-Ranch.

He has figured out how to enjoy each piano lesson tremendously, and this enthusiasm seems to be transmittable to students.



Lakewood Piano Lab · 5630 Columbia Avenue · Dallas, Texas 75214 · 214.564.6456