Meet Andreas Jahn

Andreas is from Dallas, Texas. At the early age of 5, Andreas showed an interest in the piano. Around that time, he discovered Garageband, and began laying down simple but creative songs using the available instrument loops. He also started taking piano lessons. After working with Garageband for a few years, he graduated to the more professional DAW (digital audio workstation), Logic Express. He progressed in his song writing by creating original compositions, with the occasional guest musician adding to his sound.

Being home schooled allowed Andreas to explore his musical talents whenever an idea came into his head. To date, he has hundreds of original songs to his credit. He is pretty much a one man team, like a young mad scientist at his computer, laying down layer upon layer to create complex and interesting material.

Growing up listening to bands like The Beatles and the more obscure XTC shaped his songwriting. When on a roll, Andreas can kick out several new songs a week. Locked up in his home studio for hours at a time, it isn't uncommon for him to emerge with a finished composition containing 60 or more tracks, all engineered, mixed and produced by himself.

Andreas still takes piano lessons from Wade Cottingham. He will be attending Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts in the fall, in the music cluster.

Beyond Slumber

In January 2014, Andreas started working on his new album, Beyond Slumber. Although not his first collection of original songs, this would be the first album released to the general public. Andreas worked tirelessly, playing with ideas, laying down tracks, writing lyrics, overdubbing vocals, and all the pieces needed to create an album of 15 songs.

In May, the album was finished and ready for mastering. He decided to make this first album available as a digital download. With the help of his dad, it was mastered, then uploaded to CDBaby, the largest online music distribution company for independent musicians. From there, the album was sent to all the other online stores (iTunes, eMusic, Spotify, etc.).

A lot of heart and soul went into the making of Beyond Slumber. If you would like to hear it, please click on one of the links provided below. I'm sure you will be more than surprised at what is possible with a bit of creativity, an inexpensive MIDI keyboard, a microphone and computer running Logic Express!


Here are some cool links that you might enjoy! You can listen to 30 second sample clips of each song on Beyond Slumber at both CD Baby and iTunes. If you are on Facebook, don't forget to 'like' Andreas' page.
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